The Top 4 Myths of Social Media that Keep Brands from Growing

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A strong market introduction and a sustained marketing campaign is on the mind of every entrepreneur with a new product. Success is measured by brand recognition. Pretty simple. But, if you can’t find your audience, even the the most audacious campaign will will be largely missed. Exposing the following myths can help develop some survival skills for you and your …

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Learning North American Business Etiquette

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If you become a mirror to their mannerisms and culture, you’re more likely find business to go a lot smoother.

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How to Engage in the Digital Age – Digital Marketing


If engaging clients and prospects through social media isn’t part of your overall marketing strategy, it should be.

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Networking: Things to Avoid when Making a First Impression

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Networking can be a source of invaluable connections and leads, or a road to nowhere. It all depends on how well you do it.

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How Effective Brand Positioning Can Transform Small Businesses

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What is so special about your product that your customer should buy from you instead of a million other comparable sellers? Everybody needs a USP. What’s yours?

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6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Product Photography

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Product photography can immediately stimulate a desire or need for your product, showcase significant features, convey the product’s usefulness and …

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Famous Designers | Eddie Opara

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Mr. Opara’s clients have ranged from Prada to Morgan Stanley, and his transformative approach to strategy, technology and design makes him one of the most creative people in business. Learn more about this famous designer through five of our favorite works of his.

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Reliable Social Strategies That Always Work for Business

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There are many varying factors when it comes to a social media approach among businesses, from the tone to the frequency of content.

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How to Market Your Business with Videos Online

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Your business’ web site, Facebook and Twitter should already do a competent job of explaining the types of services or products your business offers. So ask yourself: what is something that video content is capable of that textual content is not?

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4 Easy Guidelines to Designing a Lookbook

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Working directly with print on a daily basis, I have seen my fair share of fashion lookbooks and catalogs. Seeing as Fashion Week is on approach, I thought it appropriate to put together a brief checklist of tips I found to be quite useful in designing a lookbook.

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Improper Uses Of Images That Will Cause Legal Problems In Visual Marketing

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The work of a marketing specialist is not as easy as many think. When referring to visual marketing and creating …

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