10 Fabulous Examples of Hang Tag Design

Hang Tags

Did you know that having great hang tag design is a vital branding strategy for clothing and consumer product brands? Hang tags not only serve the purpose of displaying product info, but can greatly enhance the emotional attachment customers have with your products.
Having a unique hang tag design for your products can help your brand stand out from the crowd.  Adding things like texture, matte finishes, unique shapes with die cutting, and compelling text and images will help to draw the attention of your customers.  Consider some of the elements in the examples below.  We think these are really cool examples of brands that have used creative hang tag design to help brand their products!


Kasil Workshop

Hang Tag

Highest Common Denominator

Hang Tags

Trophy Hunting System

Hang Tag

Timo Weiland by RoAndCo Studio

Hang Tag

Auburn Identity

Hang Tags

Syndicate Clothing

Hang Tag

Lotta Nieminen

Hang Tag


Hang Tag


Hang Tags

Hang Tags Made by Six

Hang Tags

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  1. Tiffany CastleTiffany Castle08-16-2012

    These are excellent samples, they all feel very “earthy” to me (if that makes since) thanks for sharing.

  2. I love tags of all shapes and sizes, I used to collect them in my youth!

  3. PeterPeter08-20-2012

    Very nice collection!

  4. Tiffany GreenTiffany Green10-24-2013

    I need a quote for hang tag design for start up clothing line company

  5. Tiffany GreenTiffany Green10-24-2013

    i would like a quote for hang tag design for start up company

  6. Day2Day PrintingDay2Day Printing10-24-2013

    Hello Tiffany! We would be more than happy to quote you. Please feel free to email us with details as to what you are looking for or give us a call to discuss it in detail with our customer service.
    Email: info@day2dayprinting.com
    Phone: 1-877 436-6177

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