10 Square Business Card Designs

10 Square Business Card Designs

While standard size business cards are often the most popular choice, square shaped business cards are making a big comeback. With so many business cards being handed out daily, sometimes it’s good to have a unique card. Check out these cool square business cards below and next time you print business cards, consider going square!

Day 2 Day Printing offers square business cards at 2″ x 2″ starting at only $12.00 per 100, which is actually cheaper than standard size cards!

Square Business Card Designs

Denize Moda Feminina Business Cards

RadWorks Studios Business Cards

Kinouchi Business Cards

Square Root Cafe Business Cards

Bboy Science Business Cards

KENDAL HOMES Business Cards

Acrylic Black Business Cards

Jared Rey Photography Business Cards

Square Business Cards

Reblis Business Cards

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  1. Melissa ClarkMelissa Clark06-23-2012

    Those are so cool! I like that they aren’t the usual rectangular design. I may have to order some of those.

  2. Anthony KizerAnthony Kizer06-24-2012

    Will definitely have to get some!

  3. Sherry ConradSherry Conrad07-11-2012

    Love this look- very different than the norm.

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