Every business, whether offering goods or services or both, also markets a brand.  A brand starts with a company name, a logo design and can go all the way to defining a culture within that company, the quality of the goods and/or services offered, a credo, a goal, an association to certain lifestyle, and so much more.  Whether a company knows it or not, everything they do contributes to defining their brand.
Below are ten (10) ideas one can use print products to consciously build and promote their brand:
  • Attach stickers or magnetic door signs to your car that advertise your business. For even better results, ask friends and family to do the same thing! Magnetic car signs are ideal as they don’t damage vehicles and are easy to move around.
  • Include all social media information on your print products. Include your Twitter handle and Facebook page and other social network platforms you are active on so potential and existing customers can engage with you and perhaps even endorse you.  After all, isn’t that why we are on social media?
  • Have multiple sets of business cards printed so that you can mix things up a bit. Maybe redesign your business cards at least once or twice per year, to create new buzz.  Some cards also serve as discount cards, offering special promotions at the back.
  • Slap stickers and labels on everything from water bottles, wine bottles, pens, and mugs. Using promotional stickers and labels are perfect for trade shows and promotional products.
  • Change up the look of restaurant menus regularly and also design mini takeout menus. For extra points, hand out custom printed magnets with your menus so people can go home and hang them up on their refrigerators!
  • Send marketing postcards regularly, especially for events and holiday seasons.  When you remember your customers this way, you can inadvertently create some goodwill, and at most,  customer loyalty.
  • Put your logo on every marketing collateral where possible. Your logo is your brand and it’s important that people see it regularly. From bookmarks to pens, mugs, calendars, sticker labels, sticky-notes, these subtle (not!) reminders may help bring you more business.
  • Explore other types of business cards such as magnet business cards,  folded business cards, embossed and silk laminated to leave that lasting impression.
  • Print rack cards especially if you are in the travel or tourism industry. They also work well for restaurants, insurance companies, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, and more.
  • Use door hangers to advertise your business, from clothing stores to restaurants. They are so effective simply because people cannot ignore them. Add a coupon at the bottom for extra value.

Banner Image Credits: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Reid-Advertising-Design/675001