In today’s competitive market, companies have to work hard at advertising their brands. Gone are the days when a simple television commercial or flier in the mail sufficed to communicate a product to potential consumers. Innovation, personalization, and transparency are what make brands thrive today. Read on for three accessible ways for making your brand stand out and market itself.

1. Branded Content Through Websites and Blogs

woman looking at branded content

Thanks to web technology, companies can use blogs and social media sites to generate content for their brands. Websites and blogs enable companies to inform customers about their products and to explain in more detail than a conventional advertisement would allow.

They also provide a free or relatively inexpensive platform for interacting with customers. Just remember that if you decide to start a blog, it should be updated often with quality posts from knowledgeable contributors. Having a dormant blog with sporadic posts sends the message that a company is not technologically-inclined or does not care to disclose information to the public.

2. Social Media

Similarly, establishing an account on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter can bring your brand to the forefront of the public’s mind. Consumers today are savvy and well informed. They value the level of interaction that social media provides. For example, with a simple press of the “Like” button on Facebook, they can follow your company’s page. They are more apt to share your brand with their friends through social media, giving you access to potential consumers.

social media branding

In addition to these features, having a social media account allows your company to post updates and start conversations about your brand. You can use it to get customer feedback and build brand loyalty by offering exclusive deals to social media followers.

3. Customizable Products

Marketing your brand is easy when you offer customizable products that consumers will enjoy using. For example, personalized beer mugs, stadium cups and water bottles will enable your brand name to be seen every time a customer uses it to drink. When not using, they can be stored in a prominent place for others to see. The key to utilizing this marketing strategy is to put your brand on products that people are likely to use.

Generating branded content, social media use, and customizable products are fun and relatively simple ways for a company to make its brand marketable. They don’t require exorbitant amounts of money and can be done in a short amount of time. Try these tips today. If you have any more tips please share them in the comments below.