3 Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Opening a restaurant and managing it with ease, is daunting and cumbersome. The romance fizzles out when then moment of truth arrives, managing the knick-knacks and the perils associated with it.  Overtime, there are many restaurants that do very well and still stand strong even today.

Maybe grandma had a special magical secret to keep a hold on all her clients, and that’s why the family business runs into profits every year. You wish you had the magical beanstalk seeds to reach the skies, don’t you? The magical seeds here are working hard and smart at the same time.

It’s all about hiring the right talent pool, chefs and using the right marketing strategies to bring in more customers. Talent pool doesn’t come for cheap, especially the experienced ones. With the right hands and minds at work, a restaurant will never go in the red. This is why, it is so important to have the right restaurant promotion ideas. With proper execution, a restaurant promotion has the potential of bringing in more sales and profits.

Tease Your Audience

Remember those small flyers, the ones that showed us yummy cakes and ice cream cones, which hung around every grocery store on the street? Those were the days, when we would hop back from school with a sense of delight at the delicious goodies we would be enjoying.

These are called teasers, and they live up to their name. When you flaunt and tease, the mind of the customers gets diverted to what you have on offer. You build anticipation for the great food that they will be enjoying.

Serve Specials On Doorknobs

Catch the eye of the happy eater as they walk into your restaurant with door hangers. The first thing your customers touch is the doorknob, and if you have specials hanging on them you can be certain that your customers will notice them. You can also hang door hangers across your neighborhood’s doors (seek permission), thereby gaining greater exposure to your restaurant.

restaurant door hangers

Promos Through Flyers

Here is a cost effective restaurant promotion idea. College and high school kids want to make quick money, and you want your business to run. What you could do is, hire a few kids. Be sure to look into your states laws for legality of labor especially in minors.

Use your new staff to create flyers and brochures. These marketing materials should have specials, promos, offers and discounts available at your restaurant. It should be concise and to the point, with graphics and images that speak volumes about the delicious food you offer. Remember, no one has the time to read a lot, hence the visuals should be apt, precise and brief.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Tease the eyes and taste buds with food pictures the customer cannot resist, and don’t forget to insert your contact details. Marketing this would be cost-effective, discounts would be included and customers would walk in by the score. It’s a win-win situation for all.

We hope these three restaurant promotion ideas help you along the way. They are simple to use and very effective too.

2 thoughts on “3 Restaurant Promotion Ideas

  1. Michael says:

    The doorknob flyers always seemed to work for me – especially when there’s a coupon attached. I always seemed to order Chinese food when there was a doorknob flyer on my apartment door. They totally work!

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