4 Easy Ways to Create Infographics

Images, photos and pictures are excellent ways of boosting the visual presence of your website or blog. Infographics are becoming a popular way to add information in the form of a picture. They are easy and fun for people to read, compared to a 500 to 1000 word article. They are not difficult to create and here are 5 easy ways to create inforgraphics.

Share Your Social Media Insights Through What About Me

If you use a lot of social media platforms, becoming inspired and knowing their effectiveness is difficult. Intel has created What About Me, which creates an infographic from all your social media pages.

It automatically pulls the data from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to share the stories you tell, the popular updates from friends and how you’ve shared your own thoughts and likes.

Change Themes, Fonts and Share Information with Piktochart

Many of the infographics you see online are large pictures with speech bubbles, billboard styled signs and themes you wish you could create. Piktochart does all the hard work for you by allowing you to customize your graphics with different themes, fonts and color schemes to allow you to share your information.

You can include photos quickly to add to your words and create infographic that stand out for readers.

Simple Graphics with Easel.ly

You don’t want to spend hours looking through themes and creating the perfect infographic. With Easel.ly you don’t have to. The software uses a simple drag and drop process so you can lay out your infographic in a way that suits your needs.

If you need help with ideas, there are themes available to give you inspiration. It’s great to watch your product become a reality and make quick changes as soon as they’re needed.

Import Your Data with Infogr.am

If you already have the data that you want to import quickly into a graphic, opt for Infogr.am. This creates simple, basic and static infographics with your imported information.

Charts are easily created through this means and look good for people to read. If you find that the data needs changes after importing, this is done through the system’s own spreadsheet.

Engage and Track with Venngage

It isn’t just about creating the perfect infographic, you need a way to track how effective it is. Venngage allows you to create graphics that are visually appealing and inform readers in an engaging way. After that, the results are tracked so you can see whether this is something you should do regularly or whether you need to look into other options for your data. There are many templates and examples available to help create infographics.

Infographics offer a simple and visually appealing way to get your information across. They’re great for reporting studies, sharing data or finding new ways to share your information. Creating infographics doesn’t have to be difficult.  Any of the of tools in this list will help you make the beautiful infographics and track their capabilities.

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