Choose Your Target Demographic Wisely

The right mailing list is the key to your success. You first have to figure out your target demographic. Tailor your mailing list to that specific demographic. A huge part of the success of your campaign is going to be getting your sales materials to the right people – the businesses and consumers that are most likely to need your services. This is key for increasing your ROI.

Make It Personal

The materials themselves must be personal and speak to the people that receive them. As you are putting together direct mail materials, think about what you would say if you were in front of someone. Make it seem as though you are having a conversation with them. General direct mail materials are not going to be as successful as personalized ones.

Incite a Call to Action

A key component of getting a good return on investment is to simply incite a call to action. This compels people to sign up for free products or to sign up for a free consultation that you offer. When you offer these products or services, make sure to put a deadline date on it. That way people will have to act quickly!

Utilize Social Media

Even though this is about direct mail campaigns, incorporating social media sites and information can also help increase your ROI. Make sure to add your social media information, such as your Twitter or Facebook account information, onto business cards and postcards. Any way that people can contact you is a positive thing!

Keep Track

Crucial to any direct mail campaign is being able to measure what you’re doing. That is the real only way to know if you are getting a return on your investment. Once you evaluate it what works best and your ideal demographic, you can then determine whether it was effective and if you plan on doing this type of campaign again in the future. Track response rates for best results. Knowing who the people are that are responding to your marketing campaign is as important as how many people responded to your campaign.

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