By taking what Facebook knows about us and what we choose to share publicly, Facebook figured it could hook-up its advertising friends. The thought was that the advertisers could be more targeted and, therefore, more appealing; but many of these friends of Facebook come across as creepy, aggressive, or Wall flies.

There are a few businesses we love because they “get it.” They are funny, creative, entertaining, informative and the life of the party. They earn our respect and credibility through being personable; and in turn, we are much more willing to work with them.

As a business advertising on Facebook, you have to play if you want them to pay. Social media is still a party; and if your mindset is business as usual, you’re going to be side-lined. It’s great to have access to a target audience in social media, but it’s even better when you understand the rules of engagement. If you don’t know what to do, just take a look at those businesses that everyone Likes and with whom they are talking to get some ideas.

See you at the party!