Fun & Creative DIY Easter Crafts

Bird Door Hanger Spring Decor

Easter is almost here!  And that means Pinterest is blooming with all the latest and greatest DIY Easter crafts.  We’ve picked out a few we think are great ideas for creating your own decorations.  They’re fun and not too difficult but they sure look great. Spring Bird-on-a-Branch Door Hanger   Easter Eggs Garland Recycled Daisy Egg Carton Bird’s Nest Cupcakes …

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It’s A New Year! So Why Are You Using Old Business Cards?

Business Cards

The suit may make the man, but business card printing can make or break your company. The New Year’s arrival …

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24 Smart Graphic Design Resumés


Well, now you have gotten yourself a good education in graphic design, perhaps even a degree, and trying to explore your opportunities …

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15 Beautiful Examples of Hand Lettering


Hand Lettering is one of the few remaining true forms of art used by top designers and commercial artists to create stunning imagery. In the past few decades, advancements in digital publishing have reduced the use of hand lettering within the mainstream world of design.

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24 Inspiring Illustration ideas


Before I take on any design project, I spend a great deal of my time crafting questions to ask my clients in regards to their project. This helps me understand the client’s objectives and what they expect in terms of results.

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10 Creative Editorial Print Design


I have always been fascinated with the impact of print design on user engagement metrics.
Beautiful print design takes user experience few step further with engaging more sensory
experiences than what digital media design is capable of.

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14 Awesome Stationery & Accessory Branding Design


I have always been fascinated by beautiful designs and the way designers used colors, shapes, symbols and other elements to convey a powerful story and create a unique identity for a brand.

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6 Free Web Design Ebooks Every Designer Should Read

Screen Shot 2012 08 08 At 1.54.08 PM

Whether your just breaking in to web design, or are a seasoned veteran, you can never have too much information when it comes to web design.

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A Trip to the Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

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On the weekend of July 28 I attended the Renegade Craft Fair and it was amazing! For those of you who have never heard of it, Renegade Craft Fair is a massive market place that showcases work from tons of indie artists. It was really inspiring to see all the work from different artists.

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20 Examples of Beautiful Wedding Invitations

20 Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Millions of people get married every year and for many of them, having a memorable wedding day is very important. There are many traditional elements of a wedding and one of the most important is the wedding invitations.

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10 Square Business Card Designs

10 Square Business Card Designs

While standard size business cards are often the most popular choice, square shaped business cards are making a big comeback. Check out these cool square business cards. Next time you print business cards, consider going square!

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