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My name is Luis Salazar, and I am passionate about SEO, online marketing, and design. With my background in web and graphic design, and my skills in marketing I love to provide creative solutions to businesses. When I am not working by my desk I love to go running with my dog Lokie, and jamming on my guitar.

35 Useful Design Terms For Business Owners

At one point or another a business owner will have to deal with investing their time and money on creating marketing assets. These marketing assets include but are not limited to logos, web page designs, online banner ads, email designs, business cards, and brochures.

You will be communicating your ideas and input with graphic designers. […]

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Day2Day Printing Branding: A Visual Journey

Earlier this week, we launched our newly redesigned Day2Day As an online printing company, Day2Day Printing came rather late into the competitive market. There have been other online printing companies such as Uprinting, PrintRunner, and PS Print that have predated the existence of Day2Day Printing by many years.

In order to set ourselves apart we knew that we needed […]

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Its’s Easy Being Green

St. Patricks Day is this Sunday. In celebration of this festive and loved day, we have gathered some interesting facts about the color green and stunning images that showcase the color. We also want to note that pantone actually chose emerald green (Pantone # 17-5641) as this years color of the year.
Interesting Facts About The Color Green

Green is […]

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Interview With A Musician: Emily Dale

At Day2Day Printing we get the opportunity to produce work for many talented artists and musicians. One such individual is the lovely Emily Dale, a musician and music teacher who resides in sunny Santa Monica, CA. Recently we printed postcards for her, and she was kind enough to let us interview her.

1. What inspired […]

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The Business Of Branding

Branding is big business for enterprises great and small. What was once a catchphrase thrown around in board meetings and business websites has now evolved into an integral component of every company’s organizational, marketing, and sales strategies. In a world saturated with businesses vying for the attention of consumers, branding now is the focal […]

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The Top 10 Print Blog Articles of 2012

2013 is right around the corner. As a New Year treat we want to share with you our top 10 popular Print Blog articles.

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Want To Boost Your Business In 2013? Use Vinyl Banners

Christmas is still a week away, but many business owners are already looking toward 2013 and thinking about their company goals. The New Year is the perfect time to reassess methods to bring in business, and vinyl banners are one easy way to do it. If you feel like your business has yet to […]

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Can An “Old You” Scare You Into Saving Your Money?

Apparently Bank of America thinks it’s time for you to get serious about your retirement savings. To drive home their point, they want to scare you… with your own face. No, it’s not a belated Halloween trick. The banking giant has created Face Retirement, an application that ages your face. Want to know what […]

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Ho, Ho, Holiday Shopping! How Do You Cash In On Seasonal Deals?

The results are in, and it looks like Americans spent as much time shopping over the holiday weekend as they did eating. All in all, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday were each a big success this year. Only Black Friday saw a small dip from 2011 of about 2 percent. Yet […]

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Does The Google Chromebook Stack Up To Other Computer Devices?

Today marks the first official day that the New Samsung Chromebook by Google goes on sale to the public. Though previous versions of the Chromebook have been available for more than a year, the newest model comes with more storage space, less weight, and a lower price tag. As compared to earlier incarnations of […]

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