Every business, large or small, benefits from a stellar direct mail marketing campaign. Not only is it important for touching base with current clients but especially for finding new ones. Postcards are one of the best tools to use for this purpose. Designing, printing, and sending out postcards is not only cost effective but are extremely effective and versatile.  Paired with online marketing efforts, you can build and reinforce your brand easily with postcards. There are five top reasons to use postcards to build your brand.

Save Some Cash

So, we have already discussed that they are affordable-but how much more affordable are they in comparison to other printed marketing materials? It varies from printer to printer but in general, postcards are one of the very cheapest marketing materials to use. The savings are even higher when you get them printed in bulk.

Easy to Read

One of the best things about building your brand with marketing postcards is that there is no action needed on the part of the recipient as the message is visible right in front of them! They don’t have to tear open an envelope to read that message. Any time that you can reach people without them actually having to act is a great thing.

Make Them Valuable

Unlike standard coupons which are more easily lost, turning a postcard into a coupon makes them hard to lose. It’s a brilliant idea! If your business is internet based, just add special free shipping codes or codes for getting a free product into the postcards. This added value can be really beneficial towards you impact.

Add Images and a Logo

Another fantastic thing about using postcards is that you can use images to make them applicable to your particular industry. Those visual images really help drive your brand home. Also, what’s better for brand building than using logos? Your logo is your calling card for your business. The entire back of the card is open space. Use a bold, vibrant, eye catching image or pattern a colorful graphic of your logo.


Postcards are available in a myriad of sizes. When you are bored with the standard postcards, go big! Large postcards with bright graphics or photographs cannot be ignored. With all sizes, make sure that it doesn’t look cluttered and that you don’t include too much text.

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