Don’t Hand Out Too Many Cards

While it’s crucial to hand out business cards, don’t give people more than one business card each. Sure you want them to pass on your information but if you hand them more than one card, it gives them the impression that you aren’t interested in just connecting with them. You are simply just handing out as many cards as you can in hopes that they will pass them along. This won’t help you in your marketing endeavors.

Follow the Protocol

Follow the right protocol when you’re exchanging business cards. If you are at specific networking events, feel free to exchange with everyone. It’s expected. But, if you are talking or meeting with colleagues, it’s best to not ask for business cards, especially if they are at a higher level than you on the executive level. There are no hard and fast rules but this is a good guideline.

Be Personal

When someone hands you a business card, don’t just throw it into your wallet carelessly. Hold the card carefully, look at it and read it quickly. Perhaps comment positively on the card. Thank them and put it in your wallet.

Write Notes

Make it special by adding a note to the back of the cards. Add a thank you or add a note that will make it easy to follow up. Just adding that bit of communication can really increase response rates and future success.

Business cards are like your own personal billboard. In addition to the details, the interaction is crucial. It’s important to make a professional and positive impression so as to increase the chance that you will be responded to. Following these business card exchange tips will help you make the most of your networking.

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