Business cards are inexpensive, and they’re an investment in your business. If you’re going to use them, do them right to convey the right impression. Use the three tips below as a guide to help you make the right impression with your business card.

Be Creative

Unless you have some reason to use a non-standard card size, your business card has exactly 2” X 3.5” to tell your story. You have to include vital contact information as well as your logo and a tagline, if you have one. You might be thinking, “That doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity.”

There are plenty of ways to make your 2” X 3.5” plot of real estate the best kid on the block. Let’s start with color. Use your company’s colors to create a little drama. If you’re in a creative profession, you may want to add photos onto slick card stock and use a two-sided card—one side for the photo and the other side for contact information.

Die cut cards allow a creative design option that will instantly draw attention to your message. If you need more room to convey your message, consider a folding business card, which doubles the available space. Finally, if there’s no reason for your customers to carry your card in their wallet, consider an odd-sized business card.

Be Bold

Bold commands attention. Use different size fonts for different bits of information. If you only need to put a few bits of information on your business card, use big, bold fonts. Contrast also creates interest. Using contrasting colors with big, bold fonts will grab attention fast. And, finally, big, bold images work well with minimal text. If appropriate, use your logo as the focal point of your card rather than just an afterthought.

Print Quality

Your printer can help you with some of the finer creative points. Select a top online printing company, because most are competitively priced. They’ll show you some of the new card stocks that are silk or satiny feeling—really luxurious to the touch—and heavy. Heavy card stock conveys quality. You can also choose a glossy finish. The feel of your business card is as important as the look, so spend a few more dollars to get a top-quality card stock.


They say that big things come in little packages, and little things can make a big impression. It’s important that your business card leaves a lasting impression, particularly in a scenario where lots of people are exchanging business cards. Incorporate the three tips above to get the biggest bang from your business card and convey your message effectively.

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