You have just received your first batch of high quality business cards. Where do you go from here? Now you have to distribute your cards so that you can promote your services and hopefully gather potential customers. Not sure where to start? Here are fifteen useful and creative ways to start promoting your business.

1. Ask local businesses if it is possible to leave them in their store, preferably near their checkout counter.

2. While you are at it see if you can get local businesses to place your cards inside their customer’s shopping bags.

3. Attach them to all documents such as invoices, newsletters, and proposals.

4. Post them on any bulletin boards, especially in high traffic areas such as Starbucks.

5. If you have regular customers, ask them to distribute your cards to anyone who might need your service.

6. Attend monthly networking events around your area. has a diverse number of groups you can join, which increases your exposure to individuals who you can share your cards with.

7. Give friends and family members a stack of your cards and ask them to hand out your cards to anyone who they think might be in need of your assistances.

8. Whenever you go to a sporting event you can scatter them through out the premises, someone is bound to pick up your card.

9.  When you have a doctors appointment leave cards inside the magazines in the waiting room.

10.  If you go the movie theater, be sure to leave some inside the armrest cup holder.

11. When you are on vacation bring your business cards along for the ride. Leave them in your hotel room and in the lobby as well; it never hurts to expand your reach.

12. If you still mail your bills be sure to include your business card; along with your payment of course.

13.  Take a picture of your card and put it on social sites such as Flickr, Facebook, and Pinterest. Just be sure to include a relevant alt tag, i.e. John Doe’s Business Card.

12. At industry events, be sure to network with others and make sure to not only pass out your cards but also receive business card, it is common courtesy after all.

13. When you visit your local library, be sure to leave one or two cards within books that are specific to your industry.

14. If you are someone who uses public transit, leave some at the bus stop.

15. After a night of drinking at the local pub, drop your card under the drink coaster.

Now that you have been exposed to some great ways to promote your self with business cards, all you need to do is to implement these winning strategies.