Now that you have an ample supply of cards, how do you effectively distribute them. Follow along below as we take a journey, dotting the landscape with business cards.

Attached to Paperwork

Never, ever send out anything without attaching a business card. Whether it’s an invoice or a holiday card, enclose or attach your business card. Staple a card to your brochures, enclose them with letters. If you are involved in mail order, enclose a couple of business cards with the order. It’s likely that your satisfied customer may recommend your product or service, and if they have an extra business card, they can pass it along.

Friends and Colleagues

Make sure that your friends and colleagues have plenty of your business cards. In return, you’ll want to distribute their cards to friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is golden; it’s advertising that money cannot buy. But, if there’s no leave-behind, the recommendation may be forgotten.

Bulletin Boards

Many local business have bulletin boards near the front door. Thumbtack a few business cards to the bulletin board in the most prominent location available. You’ll also find bulletin boards in grocery stores and community centers, YMCA’s, gyms, etc. Never walk past a bulletin board without leaving a few business cards.

Related Local Businesses

There are many opportunities to leave business cards at related businesses. If you’re a contractor, you’ll want to leave business cards at hardware stores, big box stores, etc. Shoppers may come in for new lighting fixtures and decide along the way that they need a qualified electrician to handle the job instead of attempting it themselves. If you’re an accountant, you’ll want to ask your attorney to leave a stack of your cards in the reception area. The options are out there; you just have to look for them.

In Your Glove Box

Because you never know when an opportunity may arise to distribute your business cards, it’s best to be prepared. The best way to carry a supply of business cards with you at all times is to leave a stack of them in your glove box.


Look for new opportunities to distribute your business cards. Make sure that you have an ample supply, and that they are readily available. Don’t be shy about spreading the word about your business. Soon, you’ll see opportunities everywhere you go. If you have a supply of business cards, it’s easy to act when the opportunity presents itself. Before you know it, you’re business name will be a household word, and that means more business for you.

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