Print Large

If you are sending out a calendar, why not make it large and noticeable? Don’t send a little puny calendar that has small text that you cannot read. Larger calendars are more attractive. Try a calendar that is 12” x 12”, for example.

Make it Relevant

People love getting calendars with a theme of sorts. Make it relevant to your business and don’t use boring old designs. For example, if you have a travel business, avoid using the standard pictures that you see in other travel calendars. Use eye catching photographs and people will look forward to flipping the page each and every month.

Match It Up

The layout of the calendar is crucial. It takes some work and skill to make sure that the bleed lines match up. Also make sure that the hole put on the calendar is in the right spot. Take a look at the calendar templates provided by your printing company. This makes it easy to design to your specifications.

Add Savings

Why not add coupons to your calendar that are available year long? Don’t be over the top about it visually, but add coupon codes to the bottom of the calendar or even specific monthly specials. Personalize it and offer specific discounts based on holidays. For example, for May, offer a special on Mother’s Day products, if that’s relevant to your business.

Color Match

The color on your screen may not actually match the color that comes out after they are printed. Your printing company should use the company standard Pantone colors. This insures color uniformity. Always get samples and a proof before printing an order.

Make it Sturdy

Don’t cheap out on the paper itself. People will hold the calendar and realize right away that it is not a quality item. It needs to be sturdy and durable! Ideally, use 100 lb. gloss book stock for a durable and beautiful finish. Keep these tips in mind next time you print your calendars!

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