Famous Designers | Eddie Opara

Indaba 26

Mr. Opara’s clients have ranged from Prada to Morgan Stanley, and his transformative approach to strategy, technology and design makes him one of the most creative people in business. Learn more about this famous designer through five of our favorite works of his.

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4 Easy Guidelines to Designing a Lookbook

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Working directly with print on a daily basis, I have seen my fair share of fashion lookbooks and catalogs. Seeing as Fashion Week is on approach, I thought it appropriate to put together a brief checklist of tips I found to be quite useful in designing a lookbook.

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4 Tech Art Exhibits: Reframing Our Connection to Ourselves and Our Environments

Tech Art : Human Harp Strumming

Art might be considered a dialogue between our imaginations and our senses. It is often emotionally powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

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Holiday Design Printing

Holiday Gift Tag Printing

The Holidays are on quick approach. It’s always exciting to see the different designs people come up with when printing. …

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35 Useful Design Terms For Business Owners

graphic design terms

At one point or another a business owner will have to deal with investing their time and money on creating …

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How Frank Lloyd Wright Became America’s Most Celebrated Architect


Incorporating nature into architecture and design hardly seems like a radical idea nowadays. Especially given the growing global emphasis on …

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Differences In Designing For Web And For Print

Difference Between Web and Print Design

Most people believe that designing for print is the same thing as when designing for the internet. Professional designers know …

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7 Profit-Driven Tips For A Printing Business

Tips For Profitable Printing Company

A printing business typically requires a lower overhead cost compared to other entrepreneurial prospects, as opposed to business ventures within …

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The Innovator Logic of Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

You might have wondered why innovators or inventors bother to ideate, create, and eventually implement their theories and ideas to …

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How Big Is The Greeting Card Industry?

How Big Is The Greeting Card Industry

Mother’s day is this Sunday. Have you bought your mom a Mother’s Day greeting card? Every year, Americans purchase greeting cards for …

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Day2Day Printing Branding: A Visual Journey

Day2Day Printing Branding

Earlier this week, we launched our newly redesigned Day2Day Printing.website. As an online printing company, Day2Day Printing came rather late into …

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