Whether you are a local business owner or someone who likes to explore your surroundings you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take photos of your city.

All you need is a camera (or cell phone with a decent camera), a beautiful day, and some time to kill. You can do this solo, or with a friend. Luckily my husband loves photography so we frequently take photography-focused dates.

Pick your favorite spot in your city, mine just happens to be Franklin Square located in Syracuse, NY. Try to pick an area with a lot of character. Think brick, or vivid colors.


Maybe this will be considered the downtown part of your city. Or if you are a local business owner pick the surrounding area of your business to highlight for your customers.

Tips & Tricks For Capturing Unique City Photos

1. Think Like A Local

Take photos of things that your friends or customers will be able to identify with. A local cafe, Freedom of Espresso is located in Franklin Square.

The signs are identifiable to the area. Not only that but a Syracuse college flag flies in the wind so now there’s no question where these pictures are taken.


2. Think Like A Tourist

You know what I mean. Imagine exploring this area for the first time. What would be the one thing that you would be amazed by. Syracuse is a post-industrial city. Emerging from the city buildings is a water tower that captivates all who notice it. I stood gawking at the tower and snapping away. No shame, camera strap and fannypack are optional.


3. Highlight The Details

Whether it’s a bike sign, worn bricks, or a pile of leaves, look for character and bring attention to it. These “moments” create unique photo opportunities.

City Photography

4. Imagine Your Surroundings In A Different Perspective

After you finish taking all of your photos the next part of the process is to edit the pictures.

Using a simplistic program (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) like Camerabag, Snapseed, or even the iPhoto or instagram applications can help you re-imagine the photographs to display them to create a different vibe entirely.

Think vintage, modern, black and white – the options are endless and you can always keep your originals! Don’t be afraid to try out different filters.


5. Share!

Once you’ve played around long enough to create some really interesting and personal photos now you need to share them! If you’re a business looking to engage and connect with your local demographic publish those photos on your website or social media outlets.

Create a photobook or print your images to display on a gallery wall. Do whatever it takes to get those photos out there – don’t just let them sit in a folder on your computer desktop. Share! Ready, set, go!

Where are your favorite spots to capture photos in your city?