Another benefit of using postcards in your direct mail campaign is that they are less expensive than other options. Whether you are getting them printed and them addressing and sending them yourself, or using a mailing service, postcards get a special rate at the post office. Here are five tips that can help you get your campaign started on the right track.


Go big or go home! While any size of postcard is technically fine, it makes sense that larger postcards get noticed more than regular sized ones. A perfect size is 6 x 11 inch postcards. They do cost a bit more but you should still save money with a bulk rate. Take every opportunity to step ahead of the competition and stand out!

Bold Design

A key to a successful direct marketing campaign is to gain attention. You have a quick moment to grab someone’s attention before they discard a postcard. Utilize your logo if at all possible and use colors. Of course, a compelling headline and message are key. But, people won’t get to see that message if they aren’t drawn in by the design.

Offer a Coupon or Savings

Make an offer on the postcard and effectively make the whole thing a coupon of sorts. For example, if you are advertising the grand opening of a business or store, indicate on the postcard that people that bring it in will receive 25% off. Another option is to give the incentive of free products or promotional codes. Any of these savings measures are a profitable incentive.

Keep it Simple

You have limited space to work with on a postcard. That isn’t necessarily a drawback. It’s best to be succinct and get your message out to people without being too wordy. Take care to not clutter up the postcard with too much information or graphics. Make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Cheap out on the Postcards

Sending out cheap, flimsy postcards make your business look less-than professional. Invest the cash to create quality materials. It shows that you believe in your business. Choose from either matte or glossy paper stock. Personally, I find glossy to always be the most eye catching.

There you have it. While there are many components to any postcard printing campaign, keeping these tips in mind will set you on the path to success.

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