If you are looking to jazz up your marketing campaign and try something new, consider printing professional custom brochures. Perhaps it’s something that you’ve thought about but weren’t sure if you could afford it. Honestly, you can get high quality brochures at affordable prices. Keep in mind that you must never sacrifice top quality and professionalism just to save a few dollars. It isn’t necessary and can actually be detrimental to your business.

Follow a few secret tricks and tips listed below to create your ultra-professional brochures without breaking the bank.

Brochure Templates

Finding free brochure printing templates is gold. Make sure to do your research ahead of time because they aren’t offered by all printing companies. These are free, easy to download, and allow you to design the brochures to your specifications. This means that you don’t have to hire someone else and pay them to design it for you. That can take a huge chunk out of the budget. There is no reason that you should ever have to pay for this service, it should be free.

Visual Appeal

The best way to make professional looking brochures is to create a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing design. Shoddy looking brochures is not going to give the impression that you value yourself and quality. It must be visually interesting but not a visual turn off. Don’t use more than three fonts on brochures as it just looks sloppy. Also make sure that there is plenty of open space. The photographs and images must be high quality and a glossy finish will emphasize that. Avoid matte finishes unless you are doing something truly edgy.

Cover Design

The cover tells the story – at least it does for the people that you are trying to target. Most people will not grab and red a brochure unless it catches their attention and has valuable information in it. Bright colors are perfect but also keep in mind that the text has to be easy to read as well. Photographs are always ideal on the cover of brochures. Just make sure that they fit well on the cover.

Using the above listed tips can pay off big dividends without blowing your advertising budget. The printing company that you choose is crucial. Only work with a company that offers free proofs or free file order review so that you have assurance that the order is perfect before you submit the order.

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