One of your first steps should be to determine the best size for the brochures. Generally speaking, larger brochures are more likely to get noticed just because they catch the eye. One example of a large size brochure is one that is 11” by 17”. However, just because a brochure is large does not mean that it’s the right choice for the brochures.

If you are sending brochures through the mail or even handing them out, it’s best to make it small enough so that people can put them in purses and carry them around. Standard sized brochures are approximately 8” by 11”. Keep in mind that the brochures must be large enough to contain all of the necessary information.


There is such a wide array of options for brochure printing when it comes to the type of finish on the paper. While there are both matte and glossy options, glossy is almost always best. It highlights photographs and catches the eye. Choose a heavy weight of paper that will hold up well. There are also options for special effects such as die-cuts. There are so many options for you to pick and choose from!


Vivid color is always eye catching. A boldly designed brochure is ideal. This is why it’s crucial to choose quality printing services. Otherwise the colors will not be as saturated and aesthetically pleasing as they should be. When using vivid colors, it’s crucial that the text is visible and easy to read.


Using the right images to sell your products is what will make your brochure design attractive. Add high quality photos and clip art that matches the nature of the company For example, if it is brochures for a travel business, instead of going with the more clichéd Hawaiian beaches, use unique images of a busy street in Thailand. Get creative! While you want to follow certain guidelines, there are no rules!