There are four key metrics available on the Facebook Insights Dashboard for your Page if you are the administrator or developer. The numbers are tallied within a date range that you specify.

Total Likes:

The number of unique people who have liked your page.

Friends of Fans:

The number of unique people who are friends of your fans. Friends can include people who are also fans.

Talking About This:

The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page. A story consists of either:

  • Liking your Page
  • Commenting, liking, or sharing on one of your Page posts
  • Answering questions you’ve asked through a survey
  • Responding to one of your events
  • Mentioning your page
  • Tagging your page in a photo

Total Reach: The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page. This includes sponsored stories and advertisements.

Total Likes are a good way to see who has made a connection with you. Friends of Fans can give you an idea of how many people can potentially see activities of your fans. Talking About This can be a good measure of how people are consuming your content. Total Reach can give you a general idea about who is seeing your content.

These metrics can be used in many ways and coupled with other metrics accessible through Facebook’s Graph API. To keep things simple, start your analysis with a simple question you want to answer and two or three metrics like those above to help you answer it. Gradually, you can ask more and deeper questions.

For each question, try not to add more than two to three key, related metrics so that you stay focused on what is relevant. Following this process, will make it easier for you not to get overwhelmed by a flood of data and possibilities.