20 Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook launched the Timeline on 22 Sept 2011. Timeline is a new design of the user profiles on Facebook. The first design element that will draw your eye is the Facebook Timeline Cover. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that there have been some clever people out there who have showcased their creativity with the Facebook Timeline Cover.

I have searched the internet to bring you 20 awesome Facebook Timeline Covers. After looking at some of these awesome covers I can’t help but feel the urge to change my own personal cover. Lets begin shall we.

Richard Kastrom 

Ahhh… a time line cover within a time line cover. Pretty clever use of the the Facebook interface no doubt.

Nagaraj Vijayarangan 

This ia a pretty neat cover. There is always a bigger fish out there.

Gabriel Masliah 

I like the playfulness of this concept.

guy  facebook timeline cover

 Krister Nieslen

I love how Krister is posed inside the profile picture frame. I am also digging the awesome vintage robot.

facebook timeline

Graziano Vincini 

I give this guy credit for clever use of head shots, and for the Futurama reference.

facebook cover

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn 

A simplistic Facebook timeline cover. It works rather well.

facebook covers

 Aly Moffatt 

A humorous cover.

Giuseppe Draicchio 

A Facebook timeline cover featuring everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial.

et facebook cover

Oliver Alexander

The yellow immediately catches your attention.  I wonder if anyone has actually taken him up on the offer.

facebook timeline cover

Whiteboard Doodle 

A very whimsical Facebook timeline cover.

doodle facebook timeline cover

Jeremy Isshin Bardou 

I don’t want to be unoriginal but part of me wants to recreate this Facebook timeline cover using CD covers instead. Anyone else agree that Jeremy has great taste in video games?

video game facebook timeline cover

Leo Lee

You get to know much about Leo by just looking at his timeline cover.  This is definitely another idea I might try for my own Facebook timeline cover.

geeky facebook timeline cover

Sudipto Mahato 

Clean and simplistic.
cat facebook timeline cover

Louis Lundberg

Great way to show off your different range of emotions.

hot chick facebook timeline cover

Amber Saenz 

I wonder how many links her site has to rank for the keyword awesome.

Enri Pedernera 

This is a great example of cashing on a popular fad and being relevant. I can’t wait to see what other Facebook covers he will create down the road.

angry birds facebook timeline

Krizel Corpuz 

A collage of pictures creates Krizel’s timeline cover.

facebook covers

Mohammad L. Azzam 

The whimsical interaction between Mohammad is fun.

foolish facebook timeline cover

Ori Hasson 

Another video game related Facebook timeline cover. I love how Ori, incorporated the Doom user interface into his timeline cover.

doom facebook timeline cover

Matthew Inman

As a fan of illustration, I had to include this timeline cover.

cool facebook timeline cover

Do you have a cool Facebook Timeline Cover? If so send us your link and I will add another posts featuring Facebook Timelines Covers from our readers!

12 thoughts on “20 Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers

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