Keep things Simple

It may seem like you have to go over the top with the cards. While it’s true that you want to make it stand out, too much clutter is not inviting. Keep it streamlined. Use a professional photograph or a simple, classic color scheme.

Get Rid of the Sales Pitch

Sending out greeting cards is not the right time to throw out a sales pitch. The reason that you send out greeting cards is to touch base and build relationships. The sales pitch totally obliterates that. Instead, a personal message will make things come across well. You don’t have to do a handwritten message but it’s a nice idea.

Use Sturdy Paper stock

As people will be holding the greeting cards in their hand, the paper stock is crucial. One of the best card stocks to use is 14pt cardstock. The cardstock should have a UV coating for optimal results. It isn’t more expensive to use high quality paper stock, or doesn’t have to be.


Sending greeting or birthday cards too late is just embarrassing. Make sure that you leave ample time for sending out any of the greeting cards. Keep in mind that mail is often slower around the holidays and plan accordingly.

Printing Templates

Use printing templates when designing the greeting cards. That way you can make customize it to your own specifications. Simply upload images and follow the instructions to design the cards. Keep in mind that there is no commitment until you place an order so you are free to play around a bit.

Another thing to consider when placing an order is that you will save money if you order in bulk. Thus, if you are going to order holiday cards, think ahead and consider what other greeting cards that you will need in the future. You will save more money per card.

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