Everyone loves new and creative fonts! They help add personality and character to your designs and can add a unique touch to any artistic endeavor.  Even better than new fonts are free fonts and we’ve put together free fonts 2012 for everyone to check out and download.  These are some of our favorite free fonts of 2012! We hope you enjoy and use them in your future projects, or just add them to your collection.


Sahara font 2012 is a sans serif bolded modular display font with a shadow/3D effect added to it, the font was based on the tiltle of a film with the same name,from the late 20’s.

Sahara Font

Sahara Font




Molesk is a slab serif font 2012 with an innovative approach on a classic style.  It has a cool shadow effect that works great with retro-style designs!

Molesk Font


Casper font 2012 is a sans serif clean font.  This font looks great with modern web design and helps add a clean touch.  Casper font also has alternate glyphs as you can see below!

Casper Font

Quicksand Font

Quicksand font is a free sans serif modern typeface.  This is an excellent font to use in print media designs as it works great in all caps.

Quicksand Font

Fatboy Husky

As the name infers, Fatboy Husky font is a bold slab serif type face.  This font of 2012 adds gorgeous character to any design giving the impression of a hand carved typeface.

Fatboy Husky Font


Multicolore font is great for typography designs.  With so many options and colors, multicolore is an immediate eye-catcher.

Multicolore Font

Multicolore Font


Coco is a modern looking vintage font.  This sans serif font 2012 looks great in elegant form, similar to the Coco Chanel ads!

Coco Font

New Theory

New Theory font 2012 is a unique and adds organic touch to your designs.

New Theory Font

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