Incorporating Direct Response Marketing With Print Media

The term direct response marketing can be directly related to print media. It eliminates the need for a middleman within marketing and means that advertising will be done through something like print, such as catalogs, ads, or magazines. Keep in mind that with direct response marketing, it’s advertising directly to the consumer expecting a direct response to take place. However, although this form of marketing and advertising has been in existence for quite sometime, there are important tips to remember when it comes to the way the print media is portrayed.
First, lets think about the various ways that direct response marketing is utilized. There’s online, over the phone, in person and printed media. Out of these, potentially the most effective way to directly allure potential buyers would be through print media. In high quality, well-designed print, everything has the potential to be eye popping and attention grabbing.

When envisioning the best practices to use, the sole goal is to attract the attention of potential customers. 

Your advertisement has to be appealing to the consumer. Grabbing their attention is one thing, but maintaining that attention and converting it into a sale is a whole different ball game. In order to do this, your ad has to be captivating yet truthful. It’s okay to make your product sound great, but don’t over-exaggerate in order to appeal to your audience. Incorporating a few best practices when it comes to print media and direct response marketing will help capture the eye of potential consumers.

Consider the Who, What When and Where’s. Number one, if you plan on marketing yourself through any type of print medium(s), consider the frequency in which your ad will be seen, whom it will be seen by, how many people will be have access to your ad, and where your ad will be seen. This may seem irrelevant to some people, however you must ask yourself the obvious question—Why advertise and market in a printed piece, or anywhere for that matter, if the content won’t be seen? The purpose of doling out direct response marketing advertisements is so that you can connect on a much more efficient and personal level.

Direct Response Marketing - Audience

Who What When Where

Since it is important to be seen, this will need to crossover in your layout. Be bold with your presentation in order to attract attention from others. If advertising a product or service, use pictures to showcase in order to relate to the human mind. Ads need to showcase relevancy; this is done based on demographics such as: age, gender, race, etc.

Brainstorming is another tip to use in direct marketing. Think about who your target audience is. This information is used for determining things such as: what type of print media to create, what content to place in the piece(s), and where and how you intend your printed pieces to be distributed.

Direct Response Marketing Brainstorming

Brainstorming–essential when creating Direct Response Marketing campaigns.

Integrate your creativity within your marketing ads. Constantly seek new ways to have consumers interact with your ads. This can actually be a lot harder than it may seem, however fun, creative, and unique approaches are a sure way to encourage shoppers to purchase products or use products.

Direct Response Marketing - Creativity

Let creativity flow when engaging in direct response marketing.

Offer free samples; so that your potential buyer has an understanding of what it is like to use your products. This will make them feel comfortable in the sense that you trust them to try out your product first. There are no guarantees that a purchase will be made, however you have a higher chance of a direct response with the free sample.

Free Samples - Direct Response Marketing

Offer Free samples when possible.

Make sure you have a call to action. You want to have something that encourages the viewer to reach out or complete some sort of action. Weather it’s getting them to sign up, make a purchase, or just visit your store, make sure to include a call to action that isn’t demanding too much and is easy to accomplish.

Call to Action - Direct Response Marketing

Clever call to actions encourage users to engage.

Advertisers look for giving something to a potential consumer in hopes it will be an exchange for a larger purchase. They are looking for an action or reaction by pushing for one. Direct response marketing is being confident that you have a product or service of quality. Whenever you venture into the world of direct response marketing, keep these things in mind. Be bold, know your audience, rely on pictures, find ways to lure and attract potential buyers, offer products or samples and be creative.

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