We had the opportunity to sit down with Jacob Patterson, of Think Tank Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles is an urban art gallery in a city that is realizing its post-street art potential. The gallery focuses on integration and progression with each show, and serves as a place to inspire with each event and exhibition shared within the historic part of Downtown LA it inhabits.

Originally from Sacramento, Jacob got a pretty unique start in the art world. As a shoe maniac and art lover he began pairing the two making customized sneaker art.  His approach is different from most artists in the emerging genre.  Many artists simply combine popular shoe brands and popular colors, while  Jacob draws from more deeper meaning attempting to bridge the gap between content and design.  His focus on content and making the world a better place is one of the core themes at Think Tank Gallery.


Image Credit (www.jacobpatterson.tumblr.com)

This February 14th, 2013 Think Tank will be hosting its sequel to the unique photography experiment, You Are Here.  You Are Here II will showcase the work of 32 photographers tasked with shooting one particular subject matter-the police force.  While Los Angeles is widely regarded as an epicenter for riots and police brutality, Think Tank seeks to showcase accountability in the force and the evolution of its interaction with citizens.  Jacob says, “The LA Riots introduced the documentation of police actions and the media misrepresenting those events.” With greater accessibility to mobile phone cameras and video recorders, the public now plays a major role in accountability.  He says, “So far we’ve seen that police are doing things in a just way, its the people who have problems with being documented.”


Event Details

You Are Here II – Shoot A Cop – A Celebration of the Boys In Blue

Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Avenue Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Thursday February 14, 2013

Featured Image Credit (www.erickimphotography.com)