Now that 2013 is here, it’s time to toss out the old and embrace the new. Making interactions faster and simpler between colleagues and clients is key for keeping your company ahead of the pack. As more dynamic forms of communication develop, they inevitably will replace obsolete modes of contact. Case in point, has listed the following business practices as DOA for the coming year. Are you still them? If so, you may want to reconsider your company’s communication strategy.

Faxing is coming to an end.

For many companies, the fax machine became outdated the moment that scanners were invented. Now that you can create a PDF of your document and send it in perfect condition to your intended recipient, there’s no reason to put through a fax that may wind up getting corrupted in transit or lost by your client. Even those who work in fields that deal with a high volume of signed documents may use superior alternatives like DocuSign in lieu of faxing.

Email is slowly dwindling down.

Email has had its time in the sun, but this form of communication simply isn’t fast enough anymore for many people. To get an immediate response from your coworker down the hall, all you need to do is instant message them. And forget mass emailing when alerting clients of promotions and deals; just tell them on Facebook or Twitter. Even the transfer of important documents can be done through cloud sharing instead of emailing.

Flash is getting replaced.

People love their mobile devices, but not all of them come with a fast 4G connection. In the past, this meant having to put up with the loading inadequacies of Adobe Flash. But with HTML5, people can now see rich content minus the lag that accompanies Flash systems. With a brand new year comes the opportunity to view movies and animated content without sacrificing time or quality.


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