Famous Designers | Eddie Opara

Mr. Opara’s clients have ranged from Prada to Morgan Stanley, and his transformative approach to strategy, technology and design makes him one of the most creative people in business. Learn more about this famous designer through five of our favorite works of his.

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Reliable Social Strategies That Always Work for Business

There are many varying factors when it comes to a social media approach among businesses, from the tone to the frequency of content.

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How to Market Your Business with Videos Online

Your business’ web site, Facebook and Twitter should already do a competent job of explaining the types of services or products your business offers. So ask yourself: what is something that video content is capable of that textual content is not?

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4 Easy Guidelines to Designing a Lookbook

Working directly with print on a daily basis, I have seen my fair share of fashion lookbooks and catalogs. Seeing as Fashion Week is on approach, I thought it appropriate to put together a brief checklist of tips I found to be quite useful in designing a lookbook.

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Improper Uses Of Images That Will Cause Legal Problems In Visual Marketing

The work of a marketing specialist is not as easy as many think. When referring to visual marketing and creating those great graphics that you see all around the Internet, there are rules that need to be respected. In many cases there is no problem but because of the fact that you may be […]

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4 Tech Art Exhibits: Reframing Our Connection to Ourselves and Our Environments

Art might be considered a dialogue between our imaginations and our senses. It is often emotionally powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

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Holiday Design Printing

The Holidays are on quick approach. It’s always exciting to see the different designs people come up with when printing. Holidays almost always turn up some of the most creative and visually appealing designs. You too can turn digital artwork into tangible items. Day2Day Printing is here to help bring your creative ideas to […]

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Is Your Brand Unusual Yet?

At some time along the way of building up a business, there is a period where creating your brand is beat into your head repeatedly, along with hundreds of ways on how to create it, and what you should do or not do. All of that is important to cover, but none of it […]

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Best Practices for Running an Innovative Social Media Giveaway’s a look at best practices for running a giveaway on social media. Follow these tactics to make the most of your marketing efforts online!

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Guerrilla Marketing Gone Viral: Promoting Your Small Business on the Web 2.0

Guerrilla marketing on the Web 2.0 offers small businesses a cost-effective means for positioning their campaigns to go viral and for competing with larger companies.
What is Guerrilla Marketing?
Simply, guerrilla marketing is using minimal resources and an unconventional idea to maximize the results of a campaign.
Why the Web 2.0?
The growth of user-generated content and social […]

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