15 Essential Business Card Marketing Tips

Business Card Tips

You have just received your first batch of high quality business cards. Where do you go from here? Now you have to distribute your cards so that you can promote your services and hopefully gather potential customers. Not sure where to start? Here are fifteen useful and creative ways to start promoting your business.

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The Dark Knight Rises Inspired Artwork


The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his comic book trilogy, debuts in theaters all over the country today. Many fans, including myself, have been waiting in anticipation to see how the Batman story will end. I’ve decided to gather some stunning Batman inspired artwork to share with everyone.

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10 Tips for Writing Effective Copy

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Writing effective copy is one of the most important factors in writing posts to engage your audience. If you’re not capturing attention, you’re losing valuable business prospects! Here are 10 tips to help you write effective ad copy.

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Branding Tips: Is Your Brand an Elvis or a Ricky?


When Elvis Presley first stepped on the world stage and released “That’s Alright Mama” with Sun Records, his rhythm & blues style was immediately recognized as the next new sound. Within weeks, this debut song climbed the charts and Elvis began his ascent to the throne of rock & roll – a genre he would help to define.

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Social Media Popularity: Why It’s Not All About You

Social Media - Online Printing

Yes, you matter. In social media, however, it’s about your personal or business brand mattering to someone else. Advertising used to be about reaching a target audience. It still is to some degree. It’s also, however, about how you empower your target audience to share something about your brand.

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Product Advertisement: Giving Them Something They Can Feel


When we have strong emotional associations to a product, we will hold on to it with the grip of a child whose parents are trying to part her with her favorite blanket. Think about the place that you call home. It’s more than a structure, right?

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5 Tips for Working Moms Juggling Business and Kids

5 Tips For Moms Juggling Business And Kids

Whether you are a working mom, or a stay at home mom, starting your own home-based business can be extremely rewarding. However, most moms will attest that juggling your own business and caring for your kids can be a difficult task. Here are a few tips that might help you in your juggling act!

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How to Improve Website Traffic Using Organic SEO

How To Improve Website Traffic Using Organic SEO

The goal of having a website or blog is to make it easy to find and valuable to read. One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your site is with organic SEO.

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20 Examples of Beautiful Wedding Invitations

20 Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Millions of people get married every year and for many of them, having a memorable wedding day is very important. There are many traditional elements of a wedding and one of the most important is the wedding invitations.

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Jargon Free PPC Advertising!

How To Make PPC Marketing Work For You

One of the key parts of making your business work is advertising. It can be trial and error to find what is going to work best for you and sometimes you have to get creative and try new things. One thing to consider is PPC marketing, also referred to as pay per click marketing.

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