Social Media Engagement vs. Posting Interesting Content

social media engagement

Is social media engagement more important than posting links to high-quality content? Not according to Dan Zarella’s data. Dan is the Social Media Scientist for HubSpot. In his seminar, “The Science of Social Media”, he presents some interesting data that challenge conventional wisdom.

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Fruit Flies and Retweets

Fruit Flies And Retweets

Dan Zarella was the presenter of the largest online marketing seminar in the world, “The Science of Social Media.” The live webinar had 10,899 participants and offered many valuable ideas. One such idea compares flies to retweets.

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Facebook Advertisements, Do We Need Them?

facebook advertisement

Facebook promises it is and always will be free to its members. Still, Facebook is a for-profit company, and most of its revenue is generated by Facebook advertising revenue. Since advertisers support our free use of the application, what responsibility do we have to pay attention to Facebook advertising?

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Fighting the Frustration of Technology with Awe


Today, I watched an archived TV program. The program was streamed through my computer by an online service and projected on my HDTV flat screen. This arrangement may not seem revolutionary to anyone and might even seem clunky to others. For a moment, however, I was in awe of the science behind it all.

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Is Facebook Still Facebook from the Block?

facebook changes

Many of us watched Facebook grow-up; but with its star status and proposed IPO, some of us are asking, “Is Facebook still Facebook from the block?” With a reach of 845 million monthly active users, Facebook is definitely on the block – just about wherever that may be. Additionally, Facebook continues to contribute to a feeling of community by helping us stay connected and decide how we want to interact with others.

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The Development of Social TV?

social tv

Perhaps, you remember the Reese’s television commercials in the 1980s? Two strangers, one eating peanut butter and the other chocolate, bump into each other. The chocolate and peanut butter mix together and both people discover how delightful the tastes are together. It’s kind of like that with tablets and TV.

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Social Data: Unique But Not The Full View

Social Media Data

Social media has the potential to give businesses unprecedented information about their audience. It’s important, however, that businesses do not overestimate what this information allows them to do. Smart businesses will value what information they have and how it can be used. They will also recognize the uncertainties that go along with it.

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3 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Reach

3 Takeaways To Increase Your Reach In Social Media

“The Science of Social Media” holds the record for the largest online marketing seminar in the world. Mr. Dan Zarella, Social Scientist at HubSpot and presenter of the seminar, obviously knows something about reach.

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3 Tips for Finding More Trustworthy Information Online

information online

Use Trusted Sources. If, for example, you already know that you trust the Mayo Clinic for medical advice, find the Mayo Clinic online and search their site for this type of information online. If you don’t know who to trust, try using top-level domains that you may trust like .edu or .gov. You can do this by typing your keywords in the Google search bar and “site:” and your domain immediately afterward. Example: weight loss

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Top Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter Best Practices

When putting together and sending an email newsletter, the main goal is for customers to read it, right? With so much competition out there, you must find a way to get your recipients to read your newsletter over the others. Otherwise there is no reason to do it. In order to stand out from the crowd, consider a few reasons below as to why people may not be reading your email newsletter.

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