‘Tis the season for holiday parties big and small. Whether you’re hosting a Hanukkah gathering, Christmas shindig, or New Year’s bash, postcard printing can ensure that your invites will not only reach their intended recipients, but also get their attention. So forget those delete-able evites and find out why postcards are the best way to tell others of your party plans.

Postcards make noteworthy party invites.

The first step to having a great holiday party is making sure people show up to it. While email invitations may be very easy, they also are extremely forgettable. Even worse, they often end up in the spam folders of many email inboxes, which pretty much guarantees that your party will be more a bust than a blast. To make sure that your family, friends, and other party guests know of your holiday celebration, use postcard printing to send out merry – and memorable – invitations.

Postcards can give invitees all your party details.

Many holiday parties have specific themes or guidelines. Are you planning a black-tie New Year’s affair? Do you want your guests to bring a gift for a white elephant exchange? If you want your party to truly be successful, postcard printing will ensure that your invitees know exactly how to dress and what to bring that night.

Postcards are great after-party keepsakes.

The holidays are about spending time with your friends and family and creating special memories with them. The cameras might be out in force the evening of your party, but what’s going to happen to all those great pictures once everyone has gone home for the night? Don’t just upload those pics to Facebook or Twitter for everyone to see… and promptly forget. Instead, turn a postcard into a special party keepsake with one or two of your favorite party photos. Not only will your attendees be thrilled to get your postcard in the mail, but also it will make them that much more excited for your next big holiday bash.

Chocolate Postcard

Chocolate Postcard

Chocolate Postcard

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