Pay attention to a few things mentioned below and you could have more success with  personalized postcards and ultimately making more money.

Get the Name Right

This sounds like a rookie mistake but it happens. Always get the people’s name and information correct. Doing so helps make it seem more personal and not just that they showed up on a mailing list – even if that is exactly the case! Double check the names and make sure that they are correct before sending out your postcards.

Make it About Them

Simply put, put the focus on them and what you can offer them. Illustrate what you can do, instead of just telling them, make them an offer. Consider what would compel you to act upon seeing the postcard.

Variable Data Printing

Arguably the best way to personalize your direct marketing postcards is with variable data printing. When used properly it will maximize response much more than with typical postcards. The benefits are that it looks like each one was specifically designed for each person.
This happens by mixing and matching different messages and graphics that are most relevant to each person. Work with the printing company to find the best combination.

Add Photographs

Well, this is only an option in some instances and it may seem a bit unusual. It lets them see you, literally. Add a small photograph of yourself or even of your business.

In addition to being personal and attractive to people, the images and copy must be spot on. Even though you may be tempted to make it look formal, try to keep it casual and keep the message looking like it’s coming from a good friend. Postcard printing is one of the most cost effective and useful methods of direct mail marketing. Protect your investment and take the time to do it right.

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