Print Design

I have always been fascinated with the impact of print design on user engagement metrics.
Beautiful print design takes user experience few step further with engaging more sensory
experiences than what digital media design is capable of.

I think user experience matters more in print design than digital media design since
print offers extra dimensions of experience such as feel & texture of materials, smell
of the paper or even sound of paper when user is flipping through pages of a magazine for instance.

In short, anyone with even a slightest sense of appreciation for beauty can enjoy
a professional print design.

Below, I have shared some awesome magazine designs I personally appreciated and admired. enjoy!


1.Illustrator editorial design


3.Repeat magazine

4. Annual Report Brochure Ver 2.0


6.Watermark – Words by the Water

7.TRAVEL magazine

8.Chef’s special

9.Festivais Gil Vicente

10.VicRoads AR