Four Things You Can Do Today to Promote Your Business

Promoting a business has never been easier than it is today. It’s perfectly easy to gain positive momentum, and the following four methods are easy and effective ways to promote your business. These methods will help any business of any size in reaching a larger audience and greater profits.

1. Start A Social Media Conversation

Social media is easily the most straightforward way to promote a business that exists on the Internet today. While many businesses struggle with SEO and PPC, social media is a relative breeze.

Where SEO and PPC both have tedious learning curves, social media is all about attracting the right people and spreading a message. By simply opening the door to communication through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+, any business can get potential customers involved while attracting their friends and acquaintances.

These people will inevitably provide valuable feedback, and if they click on those “Like” or “+1” buttons, hundreds or even thousands of people can see that message.

2. Meet People in Person

Marketing today is primarily focused on forms of media. What many businesses have forgotten is the value in direct communication. Instead of relying on television, radio or Internet ads, they could easily be securing new customers by simply going out of their way to talk to new people.

It’s never a good idea to open a conversation with a hidden agenda, so be sure to relax and speak normally. Plenty of people enjoy a good conversation, and if they are a potential customer, they are far more likely to buy from someone they trust than from some radio advertisement that they’ve instinctively learned to tune out. Never underestimate the value of face-to-face networking.

3. Explore Online Advertising

Everyone wants the safe, already-blazed trail to follow when it comes to the world of online advertising. Unfortunately, the “advertising blindness” phenomenon makes this a horrible path to traverse. Simply put, people learn to ignore specific types of ads after being exposed to them consistently.

Those ads get filed away in the Rolodex of their brain as useless and ignorable. When dealing with online advertising, try to push into new territories that other advertisers are neglecting. Online communities, forums, budding websites and even struggling start-ups can quickly become an extremely efficient resource.

What’s more is that these have been neglected by advertisers for over a decade and will likely be a safe investment for another decade to come.

4. Launch A Direct Mailing Campaign

When a business needs to extend their marketing reach, a direct mail campaign makes an ideal solution. Direct mailing campaigns are fairly easy to set up and affordable.

The first step is to create your content with a target audience in mind. It would be wise to invest in a graphic designer to create the look and feel of your promotional piece.

The second step is to compile a mailing list. The list could be made up of existing clients, or new prospects. A custom code or number should be printed on the direct mailing piece. For example a QR code could be used to lead potential customers to a specific page of your website. This is an effective method of tracking the performance of your campaign as well as measuring your ROI.

It might be tough at first to really go against the grain of conventional wisdom, but the real experts know that successful marketing is all about finding the right people. The business perspective tends to be all about supply and demand, but remembering human nature is one of the easiest ways to avoid many unnecessary struggles. Always remember that there’s a person on the other side of the advertisement.

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  1. Enjoyed your article. It is definitely important to be able to “get the most bang for your buck” and many small biz owners are cash strapped. These 4 tips are inexpensive enough to be helpful! Thanks!

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