Silk Laminated Foil Business Cards: Go Above The Standard

Sometimes the standard just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you require something more. At Day2Day Printing we are well aware of this and have kept the idea in mind while preparing our new site. With the launch this past week, we have decided to offer our clients that “something more”—Foil Stamped Silk Business Cards.

Silk Laminated Foil Stamped Business Cards

Silk Lam + Silver Foil

Silk lamination provides a smooth elegant feel to the cards, while foiling gives off a shine that’s hard to ignore. Notice how on image 1, the designer put foil stamping to good use by emphasizing a vital piece of information–his phone number.


Silk Laminated Foil Stamped Business Cards

Silk Lam + Gold Foil


Why invest so much into a business card you may ask? The answer is simple. Handing out cards like these shows that you care about presentation and makes a great first impression with new contacts. Attention to detail is big in any business, and implies a sense of professionalism. Image 2 showcases gold foil and how such a  finishing can add a vividness and sense of elegance to the simplest design elements.

Business Cards in Holder

Not only does handing out a quality business card look good, but it also provides you with benefits that you may not even think about consciously. When things are organized, clean, high in quality, a sense of trustworthiness is subconsciously associated. There’s no doubt that handing out a high quality business card is effective in getting someone to trust and remember you. Trust us when we say: “A little customization goes a long way”.


Business Card Paper Stock

The Very Best Business Card Paper Stocks

The Paper Stock Reflects Your Company

Choosing cheap paper stock cheapens the image of your business. When trying to impress others and increase your business efforts, why would you skimp on the one thing that you are most likely to hand out to people? Consider the impression that it makes on you when someone hands you a flimsy business card. It isn’t memorable nor impressive.

Don’t Use Free Business Cards

Sure, there are online print websites that allow you to print business cards for free. This may seem like an excellent deal. Be warned – it isn’t. Instead, companies that offer free business cards typically advertise on the back of the card. They also do not have dynamic color and the business card paper stock is flimsy and shoddy.

Quality Paper Stock Is Affordable

Part of the reason that you don’t insist on only the top quality paper stocks is likely due to cost. The thing is, people have the misconception that it has to be expensive and it isn’t, not at all. Work with the printing company to work within your budget for the best product possible. Also keep in mind that the more that you order at once, the cheaper that they are. You will get a bulk printing rate and the better card stock will pay for itself in new clients.

Make people want to look at your business card and hold onto them. Business cards are commonly used for handing to people, sending out in mailers and leaving on counters. It shows who you are. It’s a crucial piece of your marketing campaign. It costs hardly any more money to choose the best paper stocks for your business cards so invest wisely!

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