The show I was watching was filmed in Switzerland. Flying low through the Alps was a helicopter with a couple on a date. Usually, I would take for granted that as human beings we can speed through the air in giant pieces of metal. Typically, I would also overlook the fact that technology can capture it live on a handheld device and play it live or on demand in an entirely different country. Normally, I would not even think twice about how a 42” piece of glass in my living room is able to display moving pictures with such clarity. Generally, I might take all of this for granted, but not today.

Today, I thought about the numerous disciplines, inventions, people, and years that contributed to TV technology, which allows me to leisurely watch my television show. I was awe-struck. Just the idea that my wireless Internet can somehow magically and invisibly – at least it seems that way to me – send data through the air from my router to computer was mind-blowing. After the shock wore-off, a deep sense of appreciation for technology started to settle-in; and I made this pledge:

The next time I experience technical glitches such as lag-time in a webinar or a weak signal on my Smartphone, I’m going to take that time to just awe at the fact that I even have access to this type of amazing technology.

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