Well, they are placed right in front of the client and they have to actually hold it in their hands to remove it from the door knob. If the message is eye catching, and there is an enclosed coupon or deal, that is enticing. There is no need to open up an envelope or brochure and that makes it easier to get your information to potential customers. They can be postcards, flyers, business cards and door hangers all in one!

Also, door hangers are less expensive than other types of print marketing. You get a lot of bang for your buck. Another great benefit of door hangers is that you can add coupons and business cards at the end of them. That makes it more likely that people will hang onto the door hangers so as to save a buck or two!

The headline is key. That is the hook. Make sure that it’s memorable, catchy and readable. Choose the color wisely in the background wisely. The graphic or colors must get the attention of people but not allow people to see the logos and print correctly.

Another factor to consider is the font. For the headline, choose something bold yet easy to read like Helvetica. For the actual text, both Ariel and Times New Roman work well. Consult with your printing company to figure out the best combination.

The size and finish of the paper just depends on your preferences and the type of door hanger that you are creating. If you are offering a coupon, or attaching a business card, the hanger should be a bit larger than if not. Also consider the finish. A glossy finish is almost always suitable.

As you can see, door hangers can be a great addition to any marketing campaign. For optimal results, choose your door hanger printing company wisely. Keep in mind that you can create door hangers in an environmentally friendly way! Use a company that uses recycles materials and vegetable-based ink.

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