Now that we live in an age of digital photography, you’d think that taking a bad picture wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Just hit delete and it’s like it never happened. Yet in the last few years, a curious trend has been making the rounds on the Internet: photobombing. People just can’t get enough of looking at pictures that have been unceremoniously hijacked by an unwanted subject. Just last week, a hilarious stingray photobomb was getting buzz on all the social media outlets, so we at decided to show some of our own favorites. Enjoy!

1. Stingray Photobomb. Here it is, folks. The photobomb that inspired this post. Word on the street is that someone unexpectedly pushed the stingray onto the backs of these unfortunate tourists, so it’s not a bona fide photobomb per se, but the reaction is all real.

photobomb, stingray photobomb, animal photobomb


2. Squirrel Photobomb. Here we have a decidedly happier photobombing moment.

squirrel photobomb, squirrel, photobomb


3. Cat Photobomb. As this picture demonstrates, animals like to photobomb not only humans, but also other animals. Who else thinks that this cat is slightly perturbed that her furry housemate is getting all the attention?

cat photobomb, cat, cats, photobomb


4. Kid Photobomb. What’s cuter than an animal photobomb? Why a kid photobomb, of course.

sleeping kid photobomb, kid photobomb, photobomb


5.Jon Lovitz Photobomb. While we will refrain on commenting on whether Jon Lovitz is as cute as a curious squirrel or sleeping toddler, you can’t deny that he’s a skilled photobomber.

jon lovitz photobomb, john lovitz, photobomb


6. Michael Douglas Photobomb. Those crazy celebrities! Look at how much fun they have photobombing each other.

michael douglas photobomb, michael douglas, photobomb


7. Aaron Rodgers Photobomb. A NFL fun fact of the day… Before each game, the players are required to take press photos. As you can see, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has taken this rote process and raised it to a higher artistic level.

aaron rodgers photobomb, aaron rodgers, photobomb


8.Random Dude Photobomb. Some of the best photobombs involve neither cute animals nor mischievous celebrities. Here we have a lovely couple on vacation… and this guy.

random photobomb, tourist photobomb, photobomb


. 9.Old Lady Photobomb. Peace. Love. Photobomb.


10. Clown Photobomb. Halloween is just around the corner, folks! Apparently, so is this scary killer clown.

Clown photobomb, clowns, photobomb



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