2013 is only a few days away. As a New Year treat, we want to share with you our top 10 popular Print Blog articles. Is your favorite article on here? Look through our list to find out. So sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy The Print Blog’s top 10 posts of 2012.

10. 5 Funny Presidential Memes

Presidential Meme Print Blog Post

It doesn’t matter whom you voted for. We can all set our political differences aside and agree that these Presidential memes are hilarious.

9. 15 Examples Of Beautiful Hand Lettering

Hand Letting Print Blog Article

Be amazed by some wonderful hand drawn typography.

8. 10 Responsive Web Design Tutorials 

Responsive Design Print Blog Article

If you want to learn how to develop mobile sites, you can use the resources we have gathered.

7.  Top 10 Photobombs 

Photobomb Print Blog Post

Laugh a little with these humorous photo bombs.

6.  Free Fonts 2012 To Add To Your Collection

Free Fonts Print Blog Article

Find out what our favorite fonts of 2012 were. We encourage you to add these Free fonts to your collection. Enjoy and create!

5. Top 10 Halloween Dog Costumes 

Funny Dog Costume Print Blog Article

Everyone loves Halloween. Everyone loves dogs. Combine the two and prepare yourself for some laughs.

4. Billboard Advertising Enters The 21st Century With Innovation 

Innovative Billboard Print Blog Article

Discover how billboard advertising is evolving in order to regain attention from potential consumers.

3. 10 Creative Editorial Print Design

Print Design Print Blog Article

At the Print Blog, we love looking at beautiful and well-designed layout. See some of our favorite examples of print design.

2. McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed By Her Fame

McKalay Print Blog Article

McKayla is not impressed with her article being number 2 on The Print Blog list.

1. 20 Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook Cover Print Blog Article

With 11,948 unique page views, find out what made this article our number one Print Blog  article of 2012.