Top 5 Free Web Builders for Small Business Owners

In these rough economic times it is important to find effective ways of marketing your business with minimum expense. An attractive and informative website has the potential to bring you customers like no other form of marketing or advertising can. However, not every savvy businessman is a software expert or artistic designer.

The good news is you really don’t have to be because there are dozens of programs out there that can provide you with an excellent foundation for your site. Given enough time and patience you can you can learn some neat tricks of web designing through Adobe training and be able to run an effective website by yourself.

Here are five of the best free online web builders that can provide you a great foundation to getting your site going, all of which are free:

1. Moonfruit

Moonfruit Web Builder

This UK based web building company is one of the most popular around. Moonfruit’s “Drag & Drop” templates are quick and easy to use for more amateur site builders. It utilizes basic point and click interface and as of the end of 2012 it has been responsible for the creation of over 5.5 million websites.

2. Ucoz

Ucoz Web Builder

This site builder features 246 different design templates, a mobile version you can access from your phone, and a user webtop that allows you to easily maintain control of all of your different sites from one panel.


intuit web builder

Specializing in financial and tax organization software, Intuit is one of the more optimum choices for those in finance businesses such as accounting, banking, and stock trading. Founded 1983, it one of the oldest and most successful website builders out there. For the past several years, Fortune has consistently featured the company on both it’s list of “America’s Most Admired Software Companies”.

4. Weebly

weebly web builder

Every site element of Weebly is “Drag & Drop” and is compatible with Macs OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux computers. For business owners that like to keep separate blogs or run multiple businesses this builder would be very convenient as it automatically creates a mobile version of each website once it is completely set up.

5. Wix

wix web builder

Wix also uses “Drag & Drop” tools to help you create HTML sites, mobile sites and even allows you customize Facebook pages which can be another effective way of marketing your business.

All of these website builders are free, easy to use, and are constantly evolving to help site owners portray their business in an attractive, marketable fashion. They also have great personnel to help you out with any complication you might encounter in designing your site.

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  1. Jessica May says:

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